Sunday, June 08, 2014

Huge Backlash Coming When GOP Takes Over The White House

Someone said once that former Vice-President Al Gore was smart by half when he only wanted counties in Florida recounted (in the year 2000) where he thought he could win. Recently, I have been thinking the same thing about President Obama as he continues to use executive orders to go around the Congress and do things Republicans and most Americans are opposed to. Sooner or later there will be another conservative Republican in the White House and when that happens - I expect a huge backlash against many of the actions President Obama is taking right now. In fact, I predict a conservative GOP President will likely do even more to see his or her will imposed on the American people as does Obama. Life does not happen in a vacuum, so the more President Obama goes around Congress to get his way now, the more likely it is his actions will come back to haunt democrats in the future. It's really too bad moderate politicians have become an extinct species.

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