Sunday, June 22, 2014

If Republicans Win Big In November, Will They Impeach President Obama?

Right now, it appears to most observers that Republicans will win big in November's congressional elections. In recent days, I have begun to wonder to myself – if the GOP takes over Congress in a big way, will they attempt to impeach the President in 2015? Frankly, the answer to that question depends entirely on whether most of the fall election winners are regular Republicans or Tea Party ones. There is a growing dislike of President Obama with most Americans, but that dislike has been more like a hatred among Tea Party voters from the beginning. Americans who consider themselves Tea Party supporters are the most conservative folks seen by any nation in generations. We must remember that just because the GOP is looking strong going into this November's elections, it has been proven time and time again that they are experts at finding ways to self-destruct at the last possible minute. That said, if the GOP does not self-destruct between now and Election Day – I consider it very likely they will attempt to impeach President Obama next year. The next question would naturally be, if Republicans try to impeach Obama – will they ultimately be successful in removing him from office? It's hard to see how impeaching President Obama would serve the long-term goals of the Republican Party, but that does not mean they would not try to accomplish it.


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