Wednesday, June 25, 2014

IRS Broke The Law, Now What?

An archivist testifying before Congress this week said under oath that 'the IRS broke the law' when it did not notify his agency about computer crashes that allegedly destroyed emails. This whole IRS mess is really beginning to stink to high heaven and sadly most Americans and the mainstream media could care less. Many pundits on Fox News Channel and conservative talk radio do not understand why this story is being ignored. Could it be that most Americans and members of the media view this IRS story as purely a political witch hunt? Might be. However, what is at the root of the problem here is very serious and I believe a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate this whole targeting issue. Another thing that is making many Americans choose to not be outraged by this story is the fact most folks do not think PACS should get tax exempt status in the first place. I have no problem with conservatives, liberals or any other group trying to persuade the American people to their way of thinking, but they should not be allowed to avoid taxes in the process. While Republicans continue to beat a dead horse with this IRS mess, the real story that most Americans are outraged about - the VA hospital scandal - is not getting the deserved coverage it should.


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