Monday, June 16, 2014

It's Sad Watching Iraq Fall Apart After So Many Americans Gave Their Lives

I doubt if I am the only person who is sad watching Iraq fall to brutal terrorist. Not only is it upsetting to watch a nation where so much American treasure was spent start falling apart, but I am also angry that President Obama does not appear to care enough to try and help that nation much at all. When I watched the President talking on television Friday, I saw a man who seemed to be thinking that Iraq was President George W. Bush's war and not his – so he basically was going to walk away and not help the people there. Mr. President - the Iraq war, whether you agreed with it or not, was not President Bush's war – but an American war where over 4,000 soldiers gave their life, because they were ordered to by their commander-in chief. As this nation's current leader - it's wrong for you to just turn you back, on those soldiers and their families, who fought and died while serving in Iraq. If a mistake was made after the Iraqi war it was made by you when you did not leave sufficient forces behind to stop something like this from happening. While I have supported many things you have done, President Obama, when it comes to foreign policy your actions are not keeping this nation strong and you should rethink constantly blaming Bush for issues you do not agree with. Please, Mr. President – don't let those brave soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq die in vein just because you did not approve of the war in the first place. It would be horrible for a terrorist organization like ISIS to have a home country where they can carry out attacks against the United States of America. Please, put your previous opposition to the Iraq war behind you and think about how horrible it would be – if this terrible terrorist organization has their own country where they can attack the United States from in the future. President Obama, you are not just the leader of the United States to support only the things you have agreed with, but also you need to uphold what was done in the past - even if you did not support those decisions at the time.

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