Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lanna Hamann, Age 16, Killed By Energy Drinks?

Recently, a young lady by the name of Lanna Hamann went on a trip to Mexico with the family of a friend. During her trip, she allegedly spent a great deal of time on the beach where she avoided water and only drank energy drinks. That night, Hamann passed away. Her mother now believes that energy drinks were her primary cause of death. Hamann was a student athlete who appeared to be an good health. Like in so many other cases, young people do not believe that bad things will happen to them. Surely, Hamann knew that it was dangerous to become dehydrated – but she made the choice to not drink water anyway. I feel so bad for her mother. No parent should outlive their child and when something this simply and stupid causes the death of a teenager, it's just too much to comprehend and understand.


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