Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Magnesium Just As Important As Potassium For Back & Leg Pain Relief

I have written many times here about problems I have had over the years holding onto potassium in my body. Especially in the summer time, if I don't consume a large amount of potassium during the day – I end up with leg and back pain at bedtime. Recently, I have discovered there is another mineral that is just as important as potassium in the treatment of back and leg pain. That mineral is magnesium. While it is easy to find magnesium in pill form, I would recommend using oil and applying it directly on your skin. During the summer time, I use a magnesium spray to apply the mineral to my skin and within ten to fifteen minutes it will absorb and work it's magic all night long. If you already have increased your daily intake of potassium and are still suffering with leg and back pain, visit your local drugstore and purchase some magnesium oil and rub it on your skin about 30-minutes before you go to bed. This simple technique has made a huge difference in my life.

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