Monday, June 23, 2014

Major Heart Problems Diagnosed In Hillary Clinton?

The website 'Drudge Report' has published an exclusive story this morning providing excerpts from a new book written by Edward Klein called 'Blood Feud'. In these book passages released by Drudge, it is speculated that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in poor health. In fact, she suffers from heart problems and even has a tendency to form blood clots according to the book. According to the author of 'Blood Feud', Hillary was so ill at one point when serving as Secretary of State – she collapsed in her office at the State Department. At her own insistence, she was not taken to a hospital to be checked out. However, later when former President Bill Clinton returned home and saw how serious her condition was – he convinced her to go to a New York hospital to be checked out. It's important to keep in mind that book authors usually have an agenda when they write books about current and former politicians – so I would wait until more of the media has a chance to check out these alleged medical problems, before believing they are absolute truth.


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