Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Netflix Shows Are Better Than Major Network Offerings

I enjoy staying up late at night, but the biggest downside to that lifestyle is the lack of good programming available on ABC, NBC and CBS. About two years ago, I took a chance and subscribed to an Internet entertainment service called Netflix and I quickly got hooked on their movies and eventually on their original shows. Like millions of other people around the world, 'House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey is my favorite show. All I can say is wow when it comes to the quality of that program and others Netflix is coming out with all the time. For all practical purposes, watching movies on DVD is dead – except for those red boxes in front of convenience and drugstores. The modern way to watch great programming is to pay $8 per month to Netflix and watch the shows you want at a time that is best for you. Last night, I watched a movie that I loved when it was released years ago. 'The Recruit' starring Al Pacino and Colin Ferrell was just as good last night as it was when I first saw it years ago. If you are one of the few folks who have not yet signed up for Netflix, please consider doing so. It's great!

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