Tuesday, June 03, 2014

NRA Separates Itself From Open Carry Texans

Until recently, I did not know of a single time when leaders in the NRA opposed something a gun owner might want to do. However, that has changed. A few days ago, the NRA said it was scary watching 'open carry' individuals in Texas walking into restaurants and other businesses with rifles across their backs. Some business have begun to fight back against this type of conduct and have started to forbid the carry of firearms on their property. I know the 'open carry' folks are trying to make a point about 2nd Amendment freedom, but they are going about this all wrong. Even in a gun friendly state like Texas, these few extremist are hurting the cause of gun ownership and that's a mistake for all Texans who want to see their right to own and bear arms continued. It's really sad that the United States of America is being control by a few people who want to try and intimidate others in this way. I also think it's sad watching President Obama taking away our rights to decide health-care and food choices as well. This country sure needs more common sense these days and a lot less extremism on both sides of the political spectrum.

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