Saturday, June 21, 2014

Public Is Following The Government's Lawlessness Example

While the experts all claim that violent crime is on the decline, it's hard to sell those statistic to me. Everywhere, these days, there are huge numbers of people breaking the law and to make matters worse, most of them are getting away with it. There seems to be no accountability for actions anymore in the United States. We now have a culture where anything goes and under a system like that, some folks are going to let their bad side rule what they do. Recently - I have written about school shootings, bank robberies and other stuff like that. However, today I would like to call attention to the people who are really making the United States a more dangers place to live and work. Those folks are government employees and elected representatives in Washington D.C.. Almost everyday there is a new example of wrong doing by someone in government service. However, there never seems to be any punishment in our nation's Capitol to fit the crime. From the VA to the IRS, criminal behavior has been running wild in recent years – but no one has gone to jail yet or even been prosecuted for wrongdoing. I believe there is more non-violent crime in America today simply because folks back home are taking their cues from people in Washington. I don't care which political party is breaking the law. There should be equal justice for all, but right now there is NO justice at all for government wrongdoers and sadly that sickness is spreading from sea to shining sea.


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