Monday, June 02, 2014

Should California Become Two Different States?

There are citizens of Northern California who want to break away from the state and create their own. This dividing of California has been discussed for a long time, but the politically powerful in the state want no part of it. What's wonderful about California is it's immense size. What's terrible about the state is the same thing. When it comes to population, no other state even comes close to the number of people who live within it's boundaries. Anytime tens of millions of people begin to call one state home, there will be huge problems with resources both from government and from private interests. Political problems are also going to grow as people with money begin to resent having their resources taken away by government and given to individuals with less. In many ways, California is the poster child of what big government socialism looks like. As the state continues to move toward pure liberalism, businesses both large and small are leaving the state in droves and taking their tax revenue with them. I doubt if the REAL powers that be in California will ever allow the state to be torn into two or more pieces. Sadly, that selfish action based on the fear of losing power - will most certainly bankrupt the state in the near future.

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