Monday, June 02, 2014

Tammy Green Douglas Arrested For Killing Momma Dog Near Fort Worth

Last week ended with some terrible news out of Parker County, Texas. Some passing school children noticed a cage on the side of the road and after investigating they discovered that a momma dog had been shot in the head and her litter of 10-puppies were still trying to nurse her dead body. There was outrage around the nation as news of this heartless act spread like wildfire through social media. Then on Sunday, it was announced that 44-year-old Tammy Green Douglas had been arrested for this crime. She was later released from jail after posting bond. According to police, Douglas had bragged to someone in a text message about killing that defenseless dog and went on to say that she would do it again. I doubt if Douglass will spend much time in prison for her crime, but at least people now know what kind of person she really is down deep inside.

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