Sunday, June 08, 2014

Threats Made Against Bowe Bergdahl's Parents

Some people have just gone nuts over this whole Bowe Bergdahl story and to prove that is true, it was announced today that Bowe's parents are now receiving death threats and have decided to keep a low profile. I agree that the case against Bowe made by his fellow service members does not reflect well on him, but for some folks to now threaten his family is down right wrong. I don't know if it's the citizens of the United States or political leaders who divide us to win elections who are to blame, but this country seems to be coming apart. Ever heard that old saying 'a house divided cannot stand'? Simply put, it seems like the United States is going through another civil war right now – but this time the fight is between extremist from the left and the right. This country use to proudly state that every man or woman should be allowed to have their day in court, before the masses stood up to judge them. Sadly, those days are now long gone.

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