Wednesday, June 25, 2014

VA Hospital Scandal Making Obama Look Really Bad

What is happening right now at the VA is nothing less than a full fledge scandal and President Barack Obama is the one person taking most of the blame. There have been problems at the VA for decades, but recent issues where thousands of retired members of the military were turned away from even getting an appointment makes this an all time new low. To the President's credit, he does appear to be concerned with what is happening at the VA. However, will that concern turn into real action that can been seen and felt by our brave retired soldiers? I really do believe President Obama has a good heart, but I also believe he is completely helpless when it comes to getting anything in the U.S. government running at an acceptable pace. It really worries me that in 10-years or so, all hospitals in the United States will be run the same way those at the VA are run in 2014. Honestly, if President Obama was not such a well liked leader – this issue might have lead to his removal from office already. There are so many problems with government control over anything and it's really sad that billions of dollars per year are being spent on everything - except funding the medical care all American service men and women have been promise, because of their service, by our government.


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