Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vitamin D Linked To A Longer Life

For years now, I have been taking a daily Vitamin D supplement – simply because cancer runs in my family and research has shown a decrease in some types of cancer when blood levels of Vitamin D are high. Then today, a new study was released – which shows that people who have high levels of Vitamin D in their bodies live a longer life than folks who have low levels. There is really no secret as to why Vitamin D should be supplemented in most people. Modern human beings do not get enough sun exposure and about the only why to increase Vitamin D levels, without taking a pill, is to take in direct sunlight several days per week. Of course, we have all been told for years to avoid direct sun exposure – because it will lead to skin cancer in some people. Right now, I am feeling pretty good about my decision to take a Vitamin D supplement everyday. Maybe you should consider doing the same thing?


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