Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Watched World War Z On NetFlix

A few nights ago, I was excited to see that NetFlix had added a movie called 'World War Z' to it's lineup. I'm not a big fan of Zombie movies, but I decided to give it a look see since I have enjoyed watching Brad Pitt movies in the past. Well, I got about 15-minutes into the movie before I completely lost interest. I know many of you probably loved 'World War Z', but to me it seemed like a modern day version of 'Dawn of the Dead' from several decades ago. I know it's not fair to watch 15 to 20 minutes of a movie and make a snap judgement, so I will likely try to find the right time and mood to pick up where I left off. I sure do like that feature on NetFlix where you can stop watching a movie and even months later when you want to watch it again, the computer remembers exactly where you were when you stopped watching. I haven't looked yet to see if 'World War Z' made enough money to pay for it's likely high budget, but it wouldn't surprise me - if investors in the film did not have a huge payday.


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