Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Is There So Much Gun Violence In Chicago?

People who live outside the Chicago metro area may not realize that teenagers are still killing each other everyday with handguns. Rather than this problem getting better, in many ways it is getting worse. Why is there so much gun violence in Chicago? The answer to that question is totally different depending on a politicians political ideology. Conservatives believe this problem was caused my liberal leaders like Mayor Rahm Emanuel who are soft on people who do not obey the law. Liberals believe the solution to that problem can be solved by more gun control laws. Of course - both sides are wrong, but when most of this country's leaders have such a narrow view when it comes to solutions - what is happening right now in Chicago will likely spread to other cities in the future. In my opinion, a lack of work ethic is at the heart of many of the problems in Chicago today. Many young people do not believe they have a chance to work their way up in the American system or they have just become lazy after years of government benefits that are handed out like candy in poor neighborhoods. I also think many of the teenagers committing these gun crimes in Chicago are just bored and with unlimited time on their hands, trouble isn't that hard to find.


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