Thursday, June 19, 2014

Will Dr. Oz Lose His Popular TV Show?

This week, the famous Dr. Oz was taken to the woodshed by some angry Senators when he was asked to testify before Congress. What angered Members of Congress the most was Dr. Oz's use of words like 'miracle weight loss pill' and other colorful language designed to get weight continence consumers to try products. I have watched Dr. Oz's daytime TV show before and have also wondered when someone was going to question him about all of those wonderful weight loss products he talks about on his program. While Dr. Oz is a successful doctor and surgeon, many times it appears that his advice on television is not the same as he would give to a patient in his office. More than likely, Dr. Oz is just saying things that media consultants have told him to - in order to keep the ratings high on his show. Some people are now asking - if Dr. Oz will lose his TV show after this weeks hearings on Capitol Hill? I doubt very seriously – if that will happen. While I agree that Dr. Oz should tone down some of his language when talking about miracle weight loss products and other questionable stuff – it was a bit laughable watching U.S. Senators get mad at him for not telling the whole truth to his millions of viewers on television. When it comes to telling lies to the American people, politicians have Dr. Oz beat - hands down.


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