Sunday, June 22, 2014

Will The Old Tiger Woods Return To The PGA?

Next weekend, Tiger Woods will return to professional golf. Many people are now asking – if the old Tiger Woods will be returning to the game? It's been tough to watch this one time best golfer in the world struggle to put his golf game back together, again. Honestly, Tiger Woods has never regained his past glory since his wife divorced him after finding out he was cheating on her with several different women. Sometimes I wonder, if his ex-wife was his Delilah and Tiger Woods is just a modern day Samson? There is no doubt that between the reported half-a-billion dollars he paid to his ex-wife and his terrible win/loss record since the divorce, all of those affairs with other women have certainly cost Tiger Woods, dearly. While some may disagree, I hope that when Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour next week, the old Tiger who put fear into every other professional golfer returns. One thing is for sure, summer-time Sunday's are a lot more fun watching Tiger Woods win on the golf course, than when he is not there or playing poorly.


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