Tuesday, June 24, 2014

With Obama Falling Part, GOP Self-Destruction Can't Be Far Away

It's pretty clear to reasonable folks, that the Obama administration is completely falling apart right now. I've watched politics for decades and each time it appears that a President is in terrible shape with the American public, the other party somehow finds a way to get over confident and self-destruct. If you ask any political expert they will tell you that the GOP should clean house on Election Day, when November rolls around. When it comes to President Obama, his self-destruction was a long time coming, but once it got started – it moved at a rapid pace. Republicans have a definite pattern of self-destructing around social issues and ones involving women. President Obama can't seem to make a good decision about foreign policy or the military. Both Republicans and Democrats self-destruct politically, because they each are so dominated by extremist from both sides of the political spectrum. This November, the GOP should totally dominate congressional elections, but I doubt if they will. There is a bunch of time between now and November and with President Obama messing up so much at the present time, overconfidence will lead a few in the Republican Party to find some seemingly impossible way to shoot themselves in the foot - right before the American people vote.

Source: nj.com

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