Saturday, April 22, 2017

Diane Sawyer 20/20 Interview With Caitlyn Jenner

There is “peace” in Caitlyn Jenner’s soul.

That’s the message she had for Diane Sawyer ― and the millions of people who tuned in for her second in-depth interview on ABC’s “20/20” to celebrate the anniversary of coming out as transgender in April 2015.

“I’ve grown into Caitlyn,” she told Sawyer on Friday night. “It’s tough to take 65 years of being Bruce and being male, and then like, overnight, everything changes. At first you don’t know how to handle it.”

But now? “All of that confusion has left me,” she said.

The interview, which comes just days before Jenner is set to release her highly anticipated memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, touched on a wide range of issues, from her transition to politics to her feelings about being a representative for the transgender community.